Makes Your Wheels Turn With CAB

Posted on February 25th, 2008 by

Aside from sponsoring this fantastic concert, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsors a ton of great events throughout the year. Everything from President’s Ball to the weekend movie, from the Courtyard Cafe performances to special trips to see theater productions and pro sports events, CAB is your source for great campus activities.

If you have the desire to get more involved in bringing future events to Gustavus and use your potential to plan events that are attended by your peers, CAB is currently taking applications for Presidential and Executive positions for next year!

The CAB Co-Presidents oversee the entire CAB organization and the CAB Executive Board. Each Executive position is in charge of one of the branches of CAB and plans events within that discipline. Applications for both positions are currently available at the SAO!

Application deadline for Presidential positions is quickly approaching… applications must be turned in by Friday February 29.

Executive position applications must be returned by Friday March 14.

CAB is a great way to get involved with fantastic events and making the campus a more eventful place. We hope to see your application very soon!!!

Don’t forget, President’s Ball tickets are now on sale at the SAO and Ben Folds tickets will be going on sale this coming Monday!


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