Opening Act Announced For Lupe Show

Posted on March 21st, 2010 by

After much searching and  deliberating the concerts committee has come to an agreement with an opening act. Minneapolis based hip-hop group Unknown Prophets will be slated to open for Lupe Fiasco on April 17th in Lund Arena. The Prophets have been active in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene for 10 years. As their name implies, they are unknown to many; however, within the hip-hop scene Unknown Prophets have a devoted following. In a 2008 City Pages interview Slug, emcee of Atmosphere, stated that the UPs should be the next group for a Q&A session. Being that Atmosphere is arguably the most recognizable name coming out of Twin Cities music in the last 10 years, this is a huge boost to the UPs confidence.

The Prophets music combines meaningful lyrics, impeccable rhyming, and a full band to boot. They claim this about their musical path:

Rather than flying down rap’s superhighway with blinders on, Jess and Mad Son are plowing out their own path and allowing time for scenic detours that teach them even more about life and the crazy business they’re in. This is what makes the Unknown Prophets so relatable – something they’ve easily accomplished over so many radio rappers.

Unknown Prophets have five cd’s under their belt with their most recent release entitled “Le System D”. For anybody who is very eager about their music they are currently selling four of their cd’s online for $25 plus $5 for shipping which is a great deal.


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