First Gustie Cup Tournament of the Year!

Posted on October 10th, 2011 by

Blood, Bath, and Beyond - the champions of the flag football Gustie Cup tournament.

Last Saturday, October 8th, five teams participated in the flag football tournament on Hollingsworth Field. With the music playing and the footballs flying, the teams played game after game fighting for the leading spot in the Gustie Cup standings.

Humongous Melon Heads, Pitt Crew, and Blue Ballers all put up a good fight but were unable to come out ahead. In the championship game, Threat Level Midnight showed a valiant effort but could not pull through. In the end, the reigning champions Blood, Bath and Beyond, previously known as Inflate-a-Date, came out on top!

Next month, at the volleyball Gustie Cup tournament, every team will get a second chance be the last team standing! It’s not too late to still sign up your team at the Campus Activities Board’s website!


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