Announcing the Big Concert top 5

Posted on October 28th, 2011 by

After tabling and having the students vote the week of October 11th the top 12 original list was narrowed down to a top 5. From this top 5 list, students will have the opportunity to vote Monday through Friday of next week (October 31st through November 4th) outside the caf from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm to decide which artist will be coming to Gustavus this April for the bi-annual big concert. The top 5 artists are:

Iron & Wine

Sam Beam (more commonly know as his stage name, Iron and Wine) is an American singer-songwriter. Beam wrote, performed and recorded his debut album (released in 2002) completely in his home studio. His music has appeared in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The L Word, and House, M.D. Popular songs include: Such Great Heights and Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

Jack’s Mannequin

Jack’s Mannequin is an American rock band that formed in 2004. It began as a side project of Andrew McMahon and is currently composed of Bobby Anderson, Mikey Wagner, and Jay McMillan. The band annually participates in the Leukemia Light the Night Walk due to McMahons former battle with Leukemia. Popular songs include: The Mixed Tape, Dark Blue, and The Resolution.

Jason Derulo

Derulo is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer. Derulo signed onto a minor recording label which then became part of the Warner Music Group. He released his debut single “Whatcha Say” in May of 2009, which gained double platinum certification. His debut album was released in 2010. Popular songs include: In My Head, Ridin’ Solo, Don’t Wanna Go Home, and It Girl.

Sara Bareilles

Bareilles is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She achieved mainstream success with her hit single “Love Song.” She has sold over 1 million records in the US and has been Grammy nominated three times. She is currently starring in the third season of NBC’s The Sing Off as a celebrity judge. Popular songs include: King of Anything, Gravity, Bottle it Up, and Love Song.


Switchfoot is an American Christian rock band composed of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley. They first gained mainstream recognition when four of their songs were included in the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. This led to their major label debut in 2003. Popular songs include: Dare You to Move, Meant to Love, and Your Love is a Song.



  1. Nick Hamberg says:

    Switchfoot is not a Christian band. They used to be, but according to the members themselves, they are Christians in a rock band. There is a whole section on their Wikipedia page disproving the notion: ‘”For us, it’s a faith, not a genre,” says Jon Foreman. “We’ve always been very open and honest about where the songs are coming from. For us, these songs are for everyone. Calling us ‘Christian rock’ tends to be a box that closes some people out and excludes them, and that’s not what we’re trying to do. Music has always opened my mind—and that’s what we want”‘ (Wikipedia).

    They have Christians roots, yes, and I suppose they used to be a Christian band, but from ‘The Beautiful Letdown” forward (aka 2003) they have not been. Are they still affiliated with religious bands and festivals? Yes of course, being Christians in a successful mainstream band they can hardly not be. But they are first and foremost, a rock band. Being Christians, that influence can be found in their music, but that is not why they write music.The same can be said for Paramore, for example, and no one labels them Christian rock: ‘”Our faith is very important to us. It’s obviously going to come out in our music because if someone believes something, then their world view is going to come out in anything they do. But we’re not out here to preach to kids, we’re out here because we love music.”‘

  2. Nick Hamberg says:

    Also the Switchfoot song title is “Meant to Live” not “Meant to Love.” 🙂