Frost Week Overview

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Gustavus Frost Week commenced on Thursday, February 23rd, with an all-campus variety show.  Thanks to everyone who participated in all the events throughout the week.  Here’s an overview of what happened:

Monday – Window Painting

The Gustavus Orgs decked out the caf with Gustie and Frosty spirit.  Taking home $150 each were the organizations:  LineUs, Democrats, & Women’s Rugby.

Tuesday – Family Feud

Gustavus “families” of five joined in on the Family Feud tournament held in the banquet rooms.  After close and intense games, the Theta family came out on top.  Congratulations girls.  They will enjoy some laser tag and bowling at the WOW Zone, receiving a $100 gift card.

Wednesday – Cupcake Decorating

We gave away 250 cupcakes in a matter of a little over an hour.  Impressive Gusties!  Students were provided with cupcakes, icing, and candies to decorate their cupcakes before chowing down.

Thursday – Variety Show

The last event for the week was the Frost Week Variety Show held in Alumni Hall.  We had AMAZING acts; there are some very talented Gusties out there.  Thanks to all who participated and all who supported those performers.  Also, a big thank you to our judges and our emcees for a successful night.  The winners of the night included:

– 1st place ($250)-Renee Guittar & Rush Benson with their hip hop dance routine
– 2nd place ($150)-G-Sharp with their a capalla singing
– 3rd place ($100)-M-Pact featuring their own lyrics of the Disney song, “Be a Man”

Congratulations to all our winners this week!  And thank you to everyone who helped make Frost Week such a success!


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