Blood Bath and Beyond Takes the Cup!

Posted on May 3rd, 2012 by

Blood Bath and Beyond win the Gustie Cup.

Congratulations to the players of Blood Bath and Beyond (previously known as Inflate-a-Date) for being the year-long Gustie Cup Tournament Champions for the third year in a row with an ending score of 42 points!

On Friday, April 27th, Blood Bath and Beyond won the Gustie Cup Softball tournament with Pitt Crew coming in a close second. Humongous Melonheads and Threat Level Midnight also fought a valiant effort in the tournament receiving perfect attendence records by being at all of the Gustie Cup tournaments throughout the year.

Both teams walked away with smiles on their faces as Threat Level Midnight was awarded 2nd place in the overall Gustie Cup with 37 points and Humongous Melonheads received 3rd place with 30 points. Congratulations to both teams!

Thanks you to all 31 teams who have come out this year! We look forward to seeing you all again next year!



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