Campus Activities Board: Budget Allocation 2012-2013

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Each spring the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Co-Presidents, Business Manager, and advisor (Andrea Junso) discuss in great detail the allocations of the next school year’s budget. They take into account the amount of money each committee used in the current year, potential events, and the estimated budget of the next school year. Based on these elements, the group divided the $176,600 budget between the following 15 categories: Arts, Coffeehouse, Concerts, Carry over for the 2013-2014 Big Concert, Films, Development, Culture & Diversity, Entertainment, General Fund, Homecoming, J-Term, Midnight Express, President’s Ball, Recreation, and Weekends.

In order to better understand as to how each executive uses their allocated funds, below is a detailed breakdown of expected events and expenses.


Arts: The arts committee was allocated $4,000. The responsibility of this group is to coordinate trips to fine art opportunities in the Twin Cities.  This year they have planned trips to the musicals: Elf and Billy Elliot.  The funds are used to cover the cost of the tickets (minus revenues) as well as transportation (buses) to and from the show.

Coffeehouse: Discovering, booking, and hosting performers and/or events primarily in the Courtyard Café are among the roles of the coffeehouse committee. It was allocated $8,000.  Their funds are used to host: local or “small” musicians, Gustie Showcases, and one Orientation Coffeehouse, where Noah Hoehn performed.  Other events that are sponsored include the Christmas Party and TOMS: Style Your Sole.

Concerts: $7,500 is the budget for this year’s committee. Having 2011-2012 be the “Big Concert” year, which brought Gavin DeGraw to campus, the committee will use their budget to have 1-2 “medium” sized concerts throughout the year.

Saved for Big Concert: This is a carry-over fund for the “Big Concert” held every other year. CAB uses revenue from the past concert to be able to contract future performers, which is $25,000.

Culture & Diversity: This committee is responsible for exposing students to cultural differences, traditions, and generating campus dialogue on issues of diversity. It was allocated $9,000. Sending delegates to the White Privilege Conference and hosting the Holi Festival are among some of the events that are sponsored by this committee.

Development: As a board, CAB, has a development fund which has a budget of $9,500. This budget is for the personal development of the CAB Executive Board. Strengths Quest, our Fall retreat, and meals are some of the elements that fall under this category. The National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Convention is also funded by the development fund. Each year CAB sends executives to the Convention. By doing this, CAB not only learns how to enhance the board, better meet our students needs but they can also book artists and other events at a reduced rate, saving CAB already $4,000 this year and up to $20,000 every year.

Entertainment:  The “Big Speaker” and the Reading in Common speaker are two of the events that are coordinated by the Entertainment committee. $22,000 is the budget set for this year’s committee. It will cost at least $15,000 to host a big speaker with any sort of name recognition (for example: Frank Warren and Frank Abagnale). CAB is also co-sponsors of the Reading in Common speaker, which we have contributed $1,500 to.  Remaining funds go towards other events with Fine Arts elements such as Salsabrosa, which happened last spring.

Films: Films was allocated $21,000 to fund the weekend movies. Each film is a post-theatre but pre-home release film and costs $640-$850 each to show due to copyright laws. There is one movie per weekend, which has multiple showings and is free for students to attend.

Frost Week: Frost week is held each winter and has a budget of $2,000. This week provides various activities such as: cupcake decorating, window painting, family feud, a spelling bee, and a variety show. The allocated budget goes towards supplies and prizes for the student organizations that participate.

General Fund: This covers any co-sponsorship that CAB may choose to do or any supply purchases such as tape or staples. $6,000 is the allocated budget for this year. This fund is back up for events that cost more than planned.

Homecoming: The committee for Homecoming was allocated $22,000 to sponsor many Homecoming events. A few of this year’s festivities will include: window painting, first-year residence hall door decorating, parade, daily medallion hunt, cash cab, pep fest, and Dave Barnes Concert. As always, CAB will be selling t-shirts and trucker hats during the week, which will be sold at cost. To publicize all of the events, a large banner, with a cost of $275, is hung in the entryway of the campus center. Table tents and posters are also used for publicity at a cost of $250.  Prizes, such as an iPad for the pepfest, and gift cards for: the medallion hunt, window painting, first-year door decorating, and parade cost approximately $2,100. The parade and pep fest have costs that include: parade and coronation supplies $310, pizza for the pizza-off $3,750, root beer $300, and table cloths $300. Saturday, attendees of the football game will be given thunder sticks, which total $1,500. The final event of the week is the Dave Barnes concert. It holds a majority of the Homecoming budget totaling $14,000 with the cost of the artist, middleman, and production and backline.

J-Term: During the month of January, CAB hosts frequent and low budget events. $1,500 is the allotted budget for this J-term.

Midnight Express: The night before Finals Week begins, students are served free food by faculty and staff in the caf.  To cover the cost of the food, Midnight Express, has a $5,100 budget.

President’s Ball: The Hyatt Regency will be host to this year’s President’s Ball. In addition to the revenue from ticket sales, $23,000 was allocated to this year’s event committee. To publicize President’s Ball, Save the Dates are sent to every student which range in cost from $500-$1,000. A banner is also purchased to hang in the entryway of the campus center at a cost of $250. The tickets to attend President’s Ball are $30 and 600 tickets are typically sold. Optional transportation to and from the event by coach bus is also available for an additional $5. (This additional $5 is to offset bus costs, which are around $4,000 as well as confirm a commitment from students electing to ride. In previous years buses were being sent back not full, while CAB was still being charged.) Two sets of vans are also available to bring students the Student executives and the performers to and from President’s Ball. Flowers, ranging from $3,000-$4,000, and chair covers, totaling $1,500, are at the event to provide a formal atmosphere. Dinner is served at the event totaling in $22,000. This averages to about $34 per plate, which was negotiated down from $48 per plate. The Shaw Brothers, a live band, will be performing at a cost of $3,000. To provide a keepsake from the event a photo booth, varying from $1,000-$1,500, will be available. Additional costs associated with the event include: $1,300 University Ticket fee for the use of their online ticket system and for safety and risk, $1,400 is to have both campus safety and police officers at the event.

Recreation: Responsible for planning and facilitating the Gustie Cup Tournaments as well as arranging and coordinating trips to 2-3 professional sporting events in the Twin Cities, the committees budget is set at $6,000 this year. Expenses include food and prizes for the Gustie Cup; as well as bus and ticket costs (minus ticket revenues).

Weekends: This committee is responsible for planning approximately one weekend event per month. Some of these events include Orientation, Welcome Back, Family Weekend, and SNLs. The Weekends committee was allocated $15,000 to sponsor these events.


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