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Since September, the Campus Activities Board has been hard at work providing numerous campus wide events! The events CAB hosts are chosen with the goal to enrich the cultural, entertaining, educational, and recreational needs of the Gustavus community. Below is a detailed review of what was spent on each of the events.

Arts & Entertainment
The reading in common speaker, Wes Moore, was a co-sponsored event which the Arts & Entertainment committee contributed $1,500. The proceeding event hosted by the Arts committee was Billy Elliot the Musical. CAB purchased fifty tickets at the cost of $50 each for the show. Tickets were sold to students for half the purchase price, $25. Transportation was also provided which totaled in $550. The current balance for this account is -$1,113.9. The negative balance is due to having already purchased tickets for a future event which will provide revenue to cover the deficit.

Campus Movies
The film’s budget so far has used $7,821 of the total $21,000 allocated. This total includes the purchasing of the movie and the movie rights, the cost being between $630-880 each, as well as publicity. Each weekend one film, which was voted on by the student body, is shown in Wallenberg Auditorium. Weekend movies began showing during freshmen orientation with the first film being the Avengers. The following weekend featured Cabin in the Woods with a special outdoor showing in the Arb. The other movies that have been shown so far include: Magic Mike, Rock of Ages, Spiderman, Brave, Ted, Savages, Bourne Legacy, Dark Knight Rises, and The Campaign. The remaining campus movie budget is $13,173.75.

Noah Hoehn, a one man show that used looping techniques, kicked off Coffeehouse during Freshman Orientation. His original asking price was $1,900 but was negotiated down to $1,000. The next performance was by Chants & Seas. This was a three piece band from Detroit Lakes, MN. The cost of the show was $500 for the band and $34.50 to publicize the event. Joey Verschaetse, a former Gustie, came back to perform on October 17. $283 was the total for this event, which included $250 for the cost of the performer and $33 for publicity. The most recent Coffeehouse event was Slam Poet, Andrea Gibson. This event was hosted with Q&A by both the Coffeehouse and Culture & Diversity committees. With the cost of publicity, green room supplies, and performer the Andrea Gibson Coffeehouse cost $414.38, which was split evenly between the committees.
A new addition to Coffeehouse this year is punch cards. If you attend a Coffeehouse event you can get your card marked, after you attend three events you can receive a free drink from the Courtyard Cafe. To purchase the punchcards cost $128.85 and so far eight students have claimed their free drink which totaled $17.95. The current balance for the Coffeehouse account is $5,799.41.

Every other year, the Campus Activities Board hosts a Big Concert. In preparation for the event in the Spring of 2014, CAB sent two executives to the Concert Institute in Milwaukee, WI in conjunction with Summer Fest, to educate them about putting on a concert. This educational event cost $968. CAB began their year with a retreat at the end of August. This was a four day event that included fifteen CAB executives. Meals and housing for each of the four days were provided for the executives. One of the nights was spent at Shalom Hill Farms retreat center. The retreat also involved a team building activity at the Minnesota State University-Mankato High Ropes Course. The event in total cost $2,603.89. There has been one additional team building event, including a meal for each of the executives, since the retreat which totaled $156. The remaining balance in the development account is $4,859.69.

General Expenses
The general account is used for the miscellaneous expenses that are not directly connected to a specific event. These kind of expenses include: printing charges totaling in $565.97, office supplies (tape, envelopes, memory card for camera, and thank you’s) total $75.83, mailing charges total in $50, prizes for the First-year Giveaways cost $150, membership to surveymonkey cost $300, and marketing supplies (table cover, committee shirts, and sharpies/ID holders) total in $1,609.73. The remaining balance in general expenses is $7,228.16.

Homecoming Expenses
Homecoming 2012 hosted numerous events throughout the week.The events included: Cash Cab, Dave Barnes Concert, Door Decorating, Game giveaways, Medallion Hunt, Parade, Pep-fest, Pizza-off, T-shirt and Hat sales, and Window Painting.
Cash Cab was a new event this year that was co-sponsored with the Residential Life Office. The event was hosted Thursday through Saturday at various times through out the day. CAB contributed $400 toward the prizes, consisting of $5 gift cards to area businesses and a variety of candy, and supplies for this event.
The Dave Barnes Concert was held on Saturday night. About 350 students were in attendance. $9,250 was the cost of the performer himself. A middle man, Concert Ideas, was used to book Dave Barnes and finalize details between Dave and CAB. Concert Ideas was paid $925. SlamHammer, a technical services company, was used to provide a stage, instruments, lighting and sound for the concert. $4,503 was the amount for the use of their services. The concert in total was$14,678.
Door Decorating in first-year resident halls was another new event this homecoming. The hall with the most homecoming spirit was award $100 in each of the three building. Supplies were also offered totaling $39.31.
$693.38 was spent on Thundersticks. These were given away to the crowd at the football game as they walked into the stadium.
The medallion hunt consisted of five hidden medallions through out campus. The person who found the medallion was awarded a $20 gift card to the bookmark. With the cost of the medallion supplies and prizes, the event cost $113.98.
$643.47 was the cost of the parade included, the candy thrown by the court, magnetic name strips to help students identify individuals on the court, and the prizes to three organizations ranging from $100-$300.
The Pep-fest consisted of revealing the new Gus and crowing the homecoming Queen and King. $98.30 was the cost to purchase the King’s crown and Queen’s tiara. The cost to reveal Gus consisted of renting a screen to project the movie made by CAB was $188.50.
Following the Pep-fest was the Pizza Off. God Father’s, Jake’s, and Domino’s were the three pizza restaurants that provided the pizza. $3,844.86 was the cost for pizzas to feed the student body. Four root beer kegs were also provided for $307.60. Tables and table cloths for seating totaled $714.51. Golf pencils and a certificate for the winning Pizza was $57.87. Every student that voted was entered into a drawing for an iPad that was purchased for $399.99.
CAB purchased 752 t-shirts and 240 hats that were on sale during homecoming week. Each item sold for $7. CAB intended on breaking even with the sale of the homecoming items. Due to the fact not all of the homecoming inventory was sold, it cost $1,076.24 to purchase the hats and shirts.
Window Painting was the kick off event for the week. Various organizations throughout campus decorated the windows of the Caf. CAB provided paint and brushes for the event, this totaled $147.43. There were three prizes of $200 each were awarded.
To ensure that events are well attended and known, posters and a banner were purchased for a total of $489.76. A planning and appreciation event for the homecoming committee cost $39.21.
Due to the remaining t-shirt and hat inventory along with higher than expected costs, the event went over budget by $3,551.36. CAB is planning on selling the remaining homecoming inventory in the future to reduce the negative balance.

President’s Ball
This year President’s Ball will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis on March 23, 2013. A $5,000 deposit had to be made to reserve the room for the event. The total balance remaining in this account is $18,000.

On September 23rd, the Recreation committee hosted their first event of the year, a trip to a Vikings game. 50 tickets were purchased at $50 a piece and then were sold to students for $25. The committee also kicked off the Gustie Cup Tournament with flag football in October. The team Knoop There It Is, placed first in this event and won a $100 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings in Mankato. The only other cost of the event was $35 for publicity. Volleyball was the November Gustie Cup event which had an expense of $33 for publicity. Name plates for the Gustie Cup plaque were also engraved for $15. The total remaining is $3,571.78.

Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv comedy troupe, was the first event hosted by the Weekends Committee. With the cost of the troupe and green room supplies, the event cost $3,568.17. The committee brought Dueling Pianos to campus the following weekend. This event, including publicity, performers, and dessert for students, totaled $3,282. Saturday Night in Lund was the proceeding event hosted. This SNL consisted of Dominos Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Hypnotist Brian Imbus. $3,786.10 was the cost of the performer and food for SNL. CAB along with the Student Activities Office brought Plastic Musik to campus for family weekend. This unique musical group performed in Bjorling Recital Hall. With publicity, cost of the group, and green room supplies the event in total cost nearly $5,980. SAO contributed $2,500 and CAB covering the remaining $3,480. The total remaining in the Weekends account is $890.63.

If you have any questions or would like a more detailed explantation of the expenses, please contact: Brittani Bartelt (bbartelt@gustavus.edu) or Andrea Junso (ajunso@gustavus.edu)


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