March Budget Updates!

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The Arts account currently has a negative balance of -$523.80. This is due to the postponement of Elf the Musical. Initially the show was sold out however, after it had to be rescheduled not everyone could go, leaving unsold tickets, which caused the deficit. To cover the negative balance funds were transferred from the General Fund and the account now has a balance of $0.


The Coffeehouse budget is working with a $4,639.74. So far this semester Coffeehouse has brought one artist, Shevy Smith, to campus. This event cost $530.25. Looking forward to the remainder of the semester, two additional artists will perform and Wednesday, April 10th the annual TOMS: Style Your Sole event will be held. $2,000 is allocated to bring the two additional artists to campus. The TOMS event has been allocated $2,200. This money will go towards purchasing the shoes so then they can be resold at a subsidized price for students and for the purchase of supplies to decorate the shoes. The remaining money will cover the cost of the Coffeehouse loyalty card rewards.


The Concert budget currently holds $7,500. A concert for later this semester is in the process of being planned. The costs for the concert will include: green room purchases, publicity, cost of performer, and production.

Culture & Diversity:

The Culture & Diversity account has a current balance of $4,140.84. The annual Holi Festival is the only planned event so far for this semester. It is allocated $2,000. This will cover the cost of the Holi powder and publicity. The remaining funds are allocated to co-sponsor International Foods Night and one more program to be determined.


The Entertainment budget currently has $20,500. The committee looked into many different big speakers to bring to campus. They narrowed down the choices at the beginning of spring semester and then gave the student body an opportunity to vote for the speaker they would like to hear. Specifics of the event are being negotiated. A Big Speaker will be announced before Spring Break.


The Films account currently holds $7,139.20. Two big films, Breaking Dawn and The Hobbit, will be brought to campus this semester, which will total around $800-900 each. The remaining movies will be roughly $650. There will be a movie showing each weekend until Finals weekend.

Frost Week:

Frost week’s budget was $2,000. The funds were used for window painting, family feud, and D.A.N.C.E. during the week. The allocated budget was spent on publicity for $65, prizes (such as: gift cards, tv, and iPod dock) for $1000, and food (Dominos and snacks) for $724.95.


The J-term budget is -$1,028.35. Many activities were held in the month of January. Some events include: Pinterest Parties, Zombie Week, a trip to the Mall of America, BINGO and an Illusionist. Funds from the General Fund were moved to the J-term budget to cover the deficit and the account now has a balance of $0.


The Recreation budget holds $1,641.62. Since fall semester the activities hosted by recreation include: two Gustie cups and a trip to a Timberwolves game. Three more Gustie cups are budgeted for the spring of the semester. $1,ooo is being transferred back into the general fund with the intention of co-sponsoring Hip-Hop night with PASO.


The Weekends budget holds $375.67. Weekends hosted a Trivia SNL the second Saturday of the semester. The cost of SNL included the purchase of $100 in prizes (such as: iPad, TV, Keurig, digital camera, gift cards, DVDs), $300 for the trivia announcers, and $ 800 food.


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