2014-2015 Campus Activities Board Co-Presidents

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935199_10203457482778166_31416590_nIt is my pleasure as the outgoing Co-President of the Campus Activities Board to announce that Jenny Marquette and Andrew Paul have been selected as the 2014-2015 Campus Activities Board Co-Presidents. Candidates were chosen after an application and interview process, facilitated by the non-returners of the current Campus Activities Executive Board. I have no doubt that these two naturally strong leaders will be able to take CAB to a new level and foster the board’s professional and personal development.

Jenny will be a senior Communication Studies and Business Management double major and will be experiencing her third year on the CAB Executive Board. She served on the board as a Co-President this year and was a Co-Special Events executive her sophomore year. Anyone can see within the first minutes of meeting Jenny that her enthusiasm and dedication to CAB is through the roof. Her passion and hard work has made CAB what it is today and will continue to enrich the board. The 2014-2015 CAB Executive Board is lucky to have such an experienced and devoted leader by their side.

Andrew will be a junior Art Education major and served on the board as a Publicity executive this year. He never ceased to impress us with his constant creativity and innovative ideas for not only his executive position, but also for the rest of the executive board. Andrew is truly gifted at building relationships, which will make him an excellent mentor for the executives on next year’s CAB Executive Board.

I invite you to join me in congratulating Jenny Marquette and Andrew Paul as being the 2014-2015 Campus Activities Board Co-Presidents! I cannot wait to see all that you do next year!


Grace Balfanz


CAB 2013-2014


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