Campus Activities Board 2015-2016 Financial Update

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The Gustavus Adolphus College Campus Activities Board seeks to provide complete financial transparency to the Gustavus Campus. The Campus Activities Board receives its funding from a portion of each students activity fee that is including in the cost of tuition. The Campus Activities Board is dedicated to judiciously using this funding to fulfill the Campus Activities Board purpose, Mission Statement and constitution. That is we use our funding in order to enrich the campus life experience by encouraging the involvement of all students in entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable.

The Gustavus Campus Activities Board allocates its funding into 14 separate sub-budgets. Each spring the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Co-Presidents, Business Manager, and advisor (Andrea Junso) discuss in detail the allocations of the next year’s budget. Taking into account the amount of money each committee used in the previous year, potential events, and the estimated school allocations. These budgets and intended uses for this fiscal year are as follows:

Arts & Entertainment:

The Arts & Entertainment committee was allocated $4,500.00. The responsibility of this group is to coordinate trips to fine art opportunities at off campus locations. This year they have planned trips to the musicals: The Sound of Music, and the Little Mermaid for the fall, and hope to plan another event for the spring. The funds are used to cover the costs of the tickets (minus revenues) as well as transportation (buses) to and from the shows for students.


The Campus Activities Board allocated $6,000.00 for on-campus speakers. This includes the co-sponsorship for the reading in common speaker, The Family of Henrietta Lacks, which cost CAB $1,000.00. The remainder of the budget will be used for a keynote speaker brought to campus in the spring, and possible co-sponsorships with other organizations.


The Coffeehouse committee is responsible for discovering, booking, and hosting performers and/or events primarily in the Courtyard Café. This year, Coffeehouse was allocated $5,500.00. Their funds are used to host performers and implement events, which seek to grasp the attention of large audiences. Such events include comedians, slam poets, musicians, crafting events, and other co-sponsorships. Events that have been planned for this year include, the slam poet Ebony Stewart, Christmas Party, TOMS shoe painting, and a Gustie Showcase, just to name a few.


This year is a “Big Concert” year on campus, which we will bring a popular headliner to campus in the spring for a concert. The Campus Activities Board has allocated $30,000.00 from this year’s budget and saved $30,000.00 from ticket revenue from the last big concert, allowing for a total of $60,000 to be spent on the headliner for this event. Ticket sales will also be included in which we expect to sell 3,000 tickets at around $20.00 a piece for added revenue to cover additional costs. The perceived expenses for the “Big Concert” will include the cost of a headliner, opener, security, publicity, hospitality, and production, which includes sound, stage, and lighting.

Culture & Diversity:

This committee is responsible for exposing students to cultural differences, traditions, and generating campus dialogue on issues of diversity. It was allocated $8,500.00. Sending delegates to the White Privilege Conference and Festival of nations, hosting the Diwali festival, the planned Cultural Appropriation Speaker, and possible co-sponsorships are among some of the events that are sponsored by this committee.


As a board, CAB, has a development fund, which has a budget of $7,500.00. This budget funds the development of the CAB executive board. Strength Quest, and our fall, mid-year, and spring retreats are some elements that fall under this category. The National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Convention is also funded by the development fund. Each year CAB sends executives to the Convention for board growth. By doing this, CAB not only learns how to enhance the board and better meet our students needs, but they can also book artists and other events at a reduced rate, saving CAB already $3,000.00 this year and up to $10,000.00 every year. This year, the Board also chose to spend $3,000.00 to send our Co-Presidents along with our advisor to the Disney Leadership Institute. This was a 4-day convention in which the Co-Presidents and Andrea Junso learned about Disney’s techniques of leadership and customer service with additional sessions on integrating it into student life.


Films committee was allocated $25,000.00 to fund the weekend movies and movie premier excursions. Each film is a post-theater but pre-home release film and cost $680.00 to $880.00 to show due to copyright laws. There is one movie per weekend, which has multiple showings and is free for students to attend. The Board also spent $3,000.00 on a new digital projection system to stay up to date with industry standards and better the quality of the movie showing. In addition to the roughly 30 weekend movies shown on campus, the Films committee is responsible for planning at least one movie release trip up to the cities. Expenses for these trips include the cost of the tickets (minus revenues) as well as transportation (buses) to and from the show.

General Fund:

This covers possible co-sponsorships CAB may choose to do or any supplies purchased such as tape or staples. $6,000.00 is the allocated budget for this year. We also use these funds for publicity efforts and as back up for events that cost more than planned.


The committee for Homecoming was allocated $25,000.00 to sponsor the many Homecoming events. A few of this year’s festivities will include: window painting, daily medallion hunt, pizza off, lip-sync battle, midnight cookies, the Pyrotechniq show, and a dance. This year CAB will be hosting a “T-Shirt Trade” in which students will bring an old t-shirt to trade in and receive a homecoming shirt for free. The clothing collected will be donated to Partners for Affordable Housing in Mankato, MN. To publicize all of the events, a large banner, with a cost of $150.00, is hung in the entryway of the campus center. Table tents and posters are also used to publicity at a cost of $300.00. Prizes, such as an iPad for the pizza off, and money for student organizations who win the window painting and lip-sync battle will cost approximately $7,000.00. Saturday, attendees of the football game will be given thunder sticks, which total $1,500.00. Midnight Cookies at Old Maine is expected to cost $3,000.00 for the 3,000 cookies and 800 milk cartons. To conclude there will also be a professional laser performance on Saturday night, Pyrotecniq, and a Dance to follow at an estimated price of $8,000.00 total. Other costs to be expected include general supplies, Homecoming court sashes, food and lodging for performers, and decorations to promote the theme, “Ignite the Night,” and the events.


During the month of January, CAB host frequent and low budget events. $3,000.00 was allotted to cover these costs. Previous events that have occurred include basketball tournaments, crafting nights, and MOA and Timberwolves trips.

Midnight Express:

The night before Finals Week begins, students are served free food by faculty and staff in the caf. This Gustavus tradition has a budget of $4,500.00 to cover the cost of the food.

Presidents Ball:

The Verizon Wireless Center will play host to this year’s President’s Ball. In addition to the revenue from ticket sales, $23,000.00 was allocated to this year’s event committee. Publicity for President’s Ball includes creative Save the Dates, posters, and a campus center banner, is expected to cost $1,000.00. The tickets to attend the Ball are usually between $20.00 and $30.00 and it is presumed that 600 tickets will be sold. Optional transportation to and from the event by coach bus is also able for students for an additional $5.00 (This additional $5.00 is to offset the bus costs, which are around $1,000.00 as well as to confirm a commitment from students electing to ride). Flowers and decorations will be purchased to provide a formal atmosphere at an expected cost of $5,000.00. Dinner will also be served at the event, which consumes most of the budget. There will also be a live band performing at an estimated cost of $3,000.00. To provide a keepsake from the event, a photo both costing roughly $1,500.00 will also be available. Additional costs associated with the event included ticketing fees and security costs.


Responsible for planning and facilitating the Gustie Cup Tournaments as well as arranging and coordinating trips to 2-3 professional sporting events in the Twin Cities, the committee’s budget is set at $5,000.00 this year. Expenses for the Gustie Cup Tournament include sporting and event supplies/food as well as small gift card prizes for wining teams. For the bus trips, ticket cost (minus ticket revenues) as well as bus costs are foreseeable.


This committee is responsible for planning 3-4 weekend events per semester. Some of these events that have been planned for the year so far include the orientation hypnotist, SNL Roller Rave, family weekend Chicago Boyz, Dakaboom, and a Valley Scare trip. The Weekends committee was allocated $20,000.00 to sponsor these events.

For more information on the Gustavus Adolphus College Campus Activities Board funding and budgeting, please feel free to reach out to the Business Manager, Olivia Tusa at A Google Spread Sheet that provides a complete breakdown of month-to-month spending is also available upon request.


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