Recap: Homecoming 2015, Ignite the Night

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Homecoming Budget


This year we allocated $25,000 for the 2015 Homecoming Budget. This was less than the 2014 Homecoming Budget in which we allocated $28,500. We were under budget last year and thus chose to lower the allocation for 2015. The following is a breakdown of events hosted and how the $25,000 was spent.

Window Painting: CAB supplied the paint, paintbrushes, and trays for student organizations across campus to paint the windows in the Caf to show their Gustie pride. Student organizations were invited to participate, with a total of 30 organizations taking part. The first place team, HACO, won $300; the second place team, Women’s Tennis won $200; and the third place team, International Cultures Club won $100. In total, $892.98 was spent on supplies, publicity, and prizes.

Attendance: 30 Organizations – 1 to 2 representatives per organization.


Medallion Hunt: The Medallion Hunt is a Gustavus Homecoming tradition. Each day a clue is released and students are able to hunt for a hidden medallion. A different student found the medallion each day and prizes were awarded from the Bookmark. In total this event cost $146.35; the money was spent on the prizes and publicity.

Attendance: 5 winners – unknown as to how many students were participating but unsuccessful in finding the medallion.


T-Shirt Trade: In previous years, CAB had always designed and sold homecoming t-shirts and over the years, we have noticined that t-shirt sales have been declining. To combat this, t-shirts were given away for free to the student body when they “traded” in a gently used t-shirt that to be donated to the Partners for Affordable Housing in Mankato. In total 700 t-shirts were given away, 700 shirts were donated, with the total event cost being $3,019.75 for the t-shirts and publicity.

Attendance: 700 Students


Pizza Off: The Pizza Off is a Homecoming Tradition during which free pizza is provided to the student body. The students are then asked to vote on the “best pizza in St. Peter”. The pizza participants this year were Godfather’s, Jake’s, and Dominos; 53 large pizzas were ordered from each restaurant. We also gave a way an iPad mini to one student who joined our on-campus texting number by voting for their favorite pizza. The giveaway was an effort to increase the number of students subscribed to our texting. In total, this event cost $2,282.34.

Attendance: 500 students


Lip Sync Battle: For the first time ever we included the Lip Sync Battle into our Homecoming lineup which inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s popular celebrity lip sync battles. Various organizations from around campus were invited to sign their groups up and battle it out for a chance to win some stellar prize money. This event was judged by Andrea Junso, Erik Heller, Mark Braun, and Brian Konkol. PASO took home the win and the $2,000 prize for their organization, and HACO and LineUs tied for second each winning $750 for their organizations and ultimately the student body. The Campus Activities Board saw a success in this event and felt it was a great way to reinvest in other student organizations. Total cost for this event was $3,536 when including publicity and prize money.

Attendance: 600 students watching + 7 student organizations competing with each organization averaging 8 people for a total of 656 students involved


Midnight at Old Main: After this extremely successful event at Homecoming 2014, CAB chose to continue with Midnight at Old Main. This year 3,000 fresh, warm, cookies were ordered from Insomnia Cookies and provided to the students at 11:59pm, on Friday night, at Old Main. There was also milk for student’s cookie dipping enjoyment. In total this event cost $3,286 and was, again, a success.

Attendance: 1,200 students


Rave: Each Homecoming, a dance occurs on Saturday night. This year we planned a “Rave” in which we outsourced to a DJ and lighting company to facilitate. The event ran from 10:00pm to 1:00am on Saturday night in Alumni Hall. Along with some great tunes students were able to grab glow bracelets necklaces, and even glasses. The event was so well attended that the fire alarms went off (due to the fog machines)! In total this event cost $2,945.64 for the supplies, DJ, lighting, and publicity.

Attendance: 500 students


Pyrotechniq: Continuing with the “Ignite The Night” theme, CAB brought a performance group, Pyrotechniq, to campus. The event occurred Saturday night at 8:00 in Alumni Hall. The performance fee was $5,000.

Attendance: 300 students



Homecoming court sashes – $87.78

General homecoming publicity & survey – $371.70

Decorations for Alumni Hall – $998.40

Hotel for performers – $364.20



To conclude, we budgeted $25,000.00 for 2015 homecoming and spent just under that budget.


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