Big Concert 2016: The Decision Process

Posted on November 5th, 2015 by

As many of you know, the top 6 choices for the Big Concert were released in a survey to the Gustavus student body earlier this week. We have heard both positive feedback as well as some concerns and confusion. The Campus Activities Board would like to clarify the process of how we, with the student body, reached the top 6 options.

The top 6 choices were all on the original survey that was released to the campus about 3 weeks ago, which served the purpose of narrowing down the options from around 60 choices to the top 15. From there, we received updated prices for each act, which ended up disqualifying a few artists from the top 15 due to prices that had risen above our $60,000 budget. It is important to note that prices for artists fluctuate daily and it is nearly impossible to determine when those prices will jump. is a great resource to look up prices of current acts to get an idea of how much each one costs.

While all of us would love to have the most popular and well known artist, with the budget we have available, sometimes, it is simply not feasible. After analyzing the price points of the top 15 artists, the Campus Activities Executive Board continued to narrow down those 15 to the top 6 based solely on the price, ticket sales and popularity of each option. It is also important to emphasize that personal preference was prohibited and excluded in this process. While we are glad that people are expressing their concerns, it is nearly impossible to get 2500 people to agree on one thing. We appreciate the feedback the student body has given us thus far because our goal is to provide fun and engaging events that are in the best interest of the Gustavus community, especially its student body. If you would like to become more involved with the concert planning process, we suggest joining the concerts committee by emailing Marissa Ramos at If you have any more questions or comments regarding the Big Concert as a whole and/or our decision process, please email Connor Myhre at


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