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Gustie Cup – Basketball Success

The winning team was: The Freshies - Steffie Comer, Coby Rowley, Trevor Gervais, Alex Kolquist, Dawn Comstock, Jordan Knoop, Ryan Williams, and Evan Odean.

Gustie Cup – Basketball Tournament

The second event of the Gustie Cup will be a Basketball tournament on December 12, 2009. The events starts at 7:00pm in the Lund Center. Prizes worth up to $100 from Noodles and Company will awarded to the winning team. Points will also be awarded towards Gustie Cup Standings

Minnesota Vikings – Tickets for Sale

On December 13, CAB is taking 50 students to the Metrodome to see the Minnesota Vikings take on the Cinncinnati Bengals. Tickets are available at the Information Desk for $25 starting at 7:30am on Tuesday December 8. Bus leaves 3 Flags at 9:30am – For questions, please contact Adam Zard.`

Gustie Cup – Volleyball Tournament

The next stage of the Gustie Cup is a basketball tournament coming up on Saturday December 12, 2009.