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March Budget Updates!

Arts: The Arts account currently has a negative balance of -$523.80. This is due to the postponement of Elf the Musical. Initially the show was sold out however, after it had to be rescheduled not everyone could go, leaving unsold tickets, which caused the deficit. To cover the negative balance funds were transferred from the […]

October and November 2012: Budget Blog

Since September, the Campus Activities Board has been hard at work providing numerous campus wide events! The events CAB hosts are chosen with the goal to enrich the cultural, entertaining, educational, and recreational needs of the Gustavus community. Below is a detailed review of what was spent on each of the events. Arts & Entertainment […]

Campus Activities Board: Budget Allocation 2012-2013

Each spring the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Co-Presidents, Business Manager, and advisor (Andrea Junso) discuss in great detail the allocations of the next school year’s budget. They take into account the amount of money each committee used in the current year, potential events, and the estimated budget of the next school year. Based on these […]