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Jam Squad Sweeps the Gustie Cup Tournament!

Jam Squad - Gustie Cup Broomball champions On Saturday, March 10th, seven Gustie Cup teams competed for the Broomball tournament champion. Players not only fought against each other but also the ice as they fought to stay standing on the slippery surface of the Don Roberts Ice Rink. Although it may not have been as […]

Do not fear, Gustie Cup is almost here!

With flag football, volleyball, and dodgeball under our belt, the Campus Activities Board is excited to get the second semester Gustie Cup tournaments rolling! The next Gustie Cup will be Saturday, March 3rd at 5 pm in the┬áDon Roberts Ice┬áRink. “On the ice?” you say? Yup, our next Gustie Cup tournament will be Broomball! So […]

Gustie Cup – Broomball Tournament

The third event of the Gustie Cup will be a Broomball tournament on Monday, January 11, 2009. The events starts at 6:00pm in the Lund Center. Prize worth up to $100 will be awarded to the winning team. To join the tournament, register at the Information Desk in the Campus Center, or at the Red […]

Gustie Cup – Basketball Success

The winning team was: The Freshies - Steffie Comer, Coby Rowley, Trevor Gervais, Alex Kolquist, Dawn Comstock, Jordan Knoop, Ryan Williams, and Evan Odean.

Gustie Cup

Gustie Cup is a new initiative sponsored by Campus Activities Board. The Gustie Cup is a year long team athletic competition open to all students and/or organizations. The events you can expect to see this year include tournaments of these sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Broomball, Soccer, Bowling, and Ultimate Frisbee. Teams will have the chance to win up to $1000 for their team.